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Rattan-fortune.com is a representative of our company in the internet, owned by Fortune Enterprise. Fortune Enterprise established 2001, is family owned company and managed business with experienced, friendly staff that always endeavors to satisfy our customers’ needs, also supported by almost 100 of skillful crafts man, which are covered by Quality System Management to make sure that quality was rooted permanently in all aspects of its production. From treasury of our mother nature archipelago we produce many furniture products for our extraordinary decoration.

We have been developing designs and ever changing products as we adapt to our customer needs, our products range is dining room, living room, tables, terrace, racks and miscellaneouse in which each item could be combined between mahogany wood with rattan wicker, banana / abaca, water hyacinth, sea grass, leather, pandanus, synthetic rattan etc. All our furniture are handmade products and manufactured by skillful hand and experienced so present high esthetics and its own unique character. These are supported by series of quality control covering material selection, framing process, weaving process, sanding process, pre coloring process, coloring and staining process, finishing process packing and loading process.

About Rattan

Rattan is among the oldest natural furniture material in use today. Unlike bamboo, which is hollow, rattan is a solid timber vine that grows in the jungles of Indonesia. Rattan grows in a long slender stem, which maintains an almost uniform diameter throughout its length. It grows in a manner similar to a vine, but has an inner core and is not hollow like bamboo. The shade in the rain forests is very dense and climbing on tree limbs is the most practical way for the rattan vines to reach the light above the forest canopy. The outer portion of the stem is extremely hard and durable, while the inner portion of the stem is softer and somewhat porous. There is no harvesting season for rattan, it grows year round. Harvesting can be difficult due to the landscape and inaccessibility of the jungle. The diameter and length of the rattan according to the specie of rattan can be as long as 600 feet, however they are cut into 12-15 lengths and tied into large bundles to make the journey from jungle to processing area. Rattan, originates from South East Asia from Laos, Cambodia, Phillipines, Indonesia.

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